Plumbing Halloween Costumes for Kids

We love all the creative DIY costume ideas this year! Of course we are always drawn to the clever Plumbing Halloween Costumes for Kids.  What are your kiddos going to be for Halloween?

To create these DIY Halloween Costumes see the instructions below:

A. DIY Toilet Costume

  1. Find a box that fits over shoulders and cover it in white glossy paper or paint it white.
  2. Make a lid to match and cut holes for head and arms.
  3. Purchased a lightweight plastic toilet seat and strap to a belt at waist or attach to bottom of toilet tank box.
  4. Add the necessities such as a bowl (plastic bowl attached to bottom of seat or a white trash bag will work too) and a genuine stainless steel handle or one made from foil.

B. Bubble Bath Costume (via Parenting)

  1. Cut a hole in the bottom of an inflatable baby bathtub. They used Munchkin’s Inflatable Safety Duck Tub. Leave at least 2 inches for the rim.
  2. On the remaining bottom rim, punch two holes near the front and back. To make the suspenders from wide ribbon, measure your child from shoulder to waist and multiply by 2; cut two lengths of ribbon to that size. Thread through the holes, knotting the ends underneath to secure.
  3. Blow up 15 white balloons and attach them with double-stick tape inside the tub and to the sides to make it look like bubbles are overflowing.
  4. Accessorize with bath poufs as hair accessories.

C. Shower Curtain Costume (via Ehow)

  1.  Tape the funnel to one end of the curtain rod using the duct tape.
  2. Cover the funnel and top half of the curtain rod with foil. This creates the shower head.
  3. Tape the tinsel to the inside of the funnel to create the water running out.
  4. Attach the shower curtain to the hula hoop using the shower curtain rings.
  5. Tie each piece of the rope into shoulder straps, attaching it to the hula hoop.
  6. Cut the bottom of the shower curtain to the top of your feet so you don’t trip.
  7. Put on flip flops, shower cap and hold the curtain rod so the shower head is above your head. Your costume is all done!

D. Super Mario Brothers Halloween Costume (via The Russo Corner)