Emergency Water Shut-off Valve

An Automatic Whole House Water Shut-off, or FloodStop, from Arrow Plumbing provides affordable property protection from water damage caused by failed Water Heaters, Washing Machines, and Refrigerators. Appliances develop mechanical failures and water lines can burst from the wear-and-tear of everyday use. Enjoy the satisfaction of ... More

How to Turn Off The Water

Before you leave town for your summer vacation turn-off the water to your home. Knowing how to turn off the water supply to your home can prevent severe flooding and damage that usually occurs with bursting pipes. Having every member of your household understand this information is critical in saving your home in the event of a burst ... More

How To Prevent AC Drain Clogs

Save Water and Money. How to do preventative maintenance on your AC unit to prevent water leaks. This video walks you through the steps to make sure your home is safe from AC unit water damage. More

How Freeze Protect Your Pipes

The temperatures have dropped this week in Houston and many clients have begun asking "How Can I Prevent Frozen and Broken Pipes?" So the following are tips to prevent freezing pipes during frigid weather: ... More

Water Heater Maintenance

Save Water and Money. How to check your Water Heater to make sure it is not leaking. A leaking water heater can cause major damage to your home. This video walks you through 3 things you need to check on your water heater to make sure it is not leaking. An American home can waste, on average, more than 10,000 gallons of water every year due to running toilets, dripping faucets, and other household leaks. Basic water heater maintenance can help prevent your home from damage from a potentially leaking water heater. More